The Starving African Kid Argument


Children are starving in Africa, therefore God is evil.

God can’t be evil, therefore He doesn’t exist.

Nothing new, of course. Anyone who has been interacting with their skeptic friends will easily identify this as just the classic Epicurean Dilemma. But if there is an atheistic argument that amuses me and irks me the most at the same time, this might be it. Continue reading

[BOOK] A Serrated Edge: A Brief Defense of Biblical Satire and Trinitarian Skylarking – Douglas Wilson

“Love is defined by God, and not by Hallmark cards… Love that refuses to defend that which is loved is not biblical love at all… Love that shuns a fight is an oxymoron…” (p.114-115)

Given that this is only a “brief” defense of biblical satire, I’d say I’m satisfied. This will surely give the effeminate pietism of 21st century a run for their money.

Standing from a very pastoral point of view, it deals both with the targets and with the Christian satirists themselves. Not only does Wilson show how Scripture abounds with the use of satire, from the prophets, apostles and even Christ Himself, it also clears the smokescreen that people (including me) have regarding its use. A good ammunition of rebuke in a jungle full of egotistic wolves is more necessary than we think. Continue reading

God Wants You to “Dream Big”


“Dream bigger” is one of the many buzz words that define twentieth-century evangelicalism. Does God want us to “dream bigger”? Yes, He does. But what He means and what modern preachers mean are miles apart in terms of definition. Dreaming big for them means if you need a thousand pesos, God wants you to pray for a million. If you want a house, God wants you to “have faith” for a mansion. If you want a car, God wants you to believe Him for a Porsche or Ferrari. And the list goes on and on.

Continue reading

I See Wussies

The existential cry of the Preacher in Ecclesiastes addresses this world’s gasping for meaning. At that moment when the creature decided to detach itself from its Creator, nothing makes sense anymore. “All is meaningless! All is vanity!” All the labor, all the merriment and weeping are done for no apparent reason. If they are not done for God, what are they for? But I heard there are geniuses who found a way around this. Nihilists, if I heard it right. Continue reading

A Christian’s Kite String


“Let’s suppose that a kite could come to life and develop its own personality. On the one hand it would feel the exhilaration that comes from the surges of wind that direct it through the sky. On the other hand, it would almost immediately take notice of something annoying: The tugging of the string at its center, the feeling of constraint, resistance. Soon the kite begins to think to itself ‘if only I could detach, then I could really fly.’ Continue reading

Get Your Very Own Jesus Plushy


You can easily identify a kind of Christianity that has mingled long enough with postmodernism, and has enjoyed it. Two obvious symptoms of this would be, one: the toning down Scripture’s authority while denying that they’re toning down the Scripture’s authority. Number two, which is the necessary consequence of number one: Christ is being advertised as everything but Himself. “Jesus is mah homeboy and savior.” “Jesus wants you just the way you are.” “Jesus is love, He cannot hate.” “Jesus is Pro-LGBT, ya’ll hear me?” And I kid you not when I say that you can now get your very own Jesus Plushy, tailored just right for that comfy divine hug. Continue reading

The Fairy Tale of Freethinking


Once upon a time, there are actually men who thought that their reasoning are free from any stain of biases. To be more specific: the stain of religion. The ministers of Freethinking, along with their converts, ardently and valiantly preach their Beatitude: “Rational is he who questions everything.” This is the way man ought to be, they assert. This is the state of blessedness. Continue reading